From MasterChef to Sweet Treats Pop-Up Bar

Sydney mum of two and MasterChef 2018 contestant, Hoda Kobeissi, will be debuting her new business Halawa at this year’s Cake, Bake & Sweets Show.

From humble beginnings growing up in a family of foodies, Hoda learnt her culinary skills from her own mother. Cooking for her siblings when her parents worked late, Hoda quickly found her passion.

Practicing her newfound love at school, Hoda excelled in cooking classes but followed a different path and went on to graduate with a Social Science degree, majoring in Counselling. Despite an established career in mental health support, Hoda’s love for cooking remained and led her to applying for MasterChef 2018.

Competing for seven weeks in this year’s MasterChef, Hoda impressed the judges with her hand pulled cotton candy in the first round.

Since leaving the competition Hoda has created her very own Middle Eastern sweet treats business, Halawa, meaning ‘sweetness’ in Arabic. Hoda’s new business uses her unique skills and love of Middle Eastern flavours to create stunning desserts.

From sweet baklawa to kashta (clotted cream) and pistachio dessert cups, atayef (Lebanese pancakes) to meghli and mhallabiyeh (spiced rice pudding and rose water milk pudding), Hoda’s creations will be on offer through her pop-up dessert bar, which is launching very soon!

Before then, at this year’s Cake, Bake & Sweets Show, Hoda will be previewing Halawa so guests can taste her unique and very special treats for themselves.