The Resurgence of the Baking Industry

Research conducted by Cake Bake & Sweets Show has revealed that baking has made a comeback and is now more popular than ever.

How popular, exactly? So popular in fact, that the research found 75% of respondents would rather bake than have a night out with their partner. 89% also admitted that they want people to be impressed by what they make, re-enforcing just how significant baking has again become and that it’s not just personal satisfaction driving the trend.

The increasing popularity surrounding baking and patisserie has amplified in recent years and can somewhat be credited to the rise of TV cooking shows, with 48% of those surveyed revealing this was where they drew most inspiration from. Along with cooking shows, the rise in forward thinking female bakers and pastry chefs such as Kirsten Tibballs, Katherine Sabbath, and Anna Polyviou have re-defined what once was a male dominated industry and have become frequents on our TV screens.

Renowned for their bright, modern and exuberant creations, the talented trio are certainly not afraid to push the boundaries, representing what is now the new age of baking and patisserie. These ladies have also fast become some of the talked about names not only in the industry, but in homes across Australia, working up a combined Instagram following of almost one million followers, proving just how influential these women have become.

With many of us drawing on inspiration from the likes of Kirsten, Katherine, and Anna it’s evident that we’re a country that loves to cook – and do a good job of it. Cake Bake and Sweets’ research also highlighted that 69% of visitors place high importance on plating up impressive dishes and desserts when entertaining, and 62% admitted that they think they are better bakers than most of their friends.

With home baking on the rise and the recent growth and fascination surrounding the baking industry, there’s no doubt that the Cake Bake & Sweets Show is more relevant than ever. Visitors are expected to gather at both the Sydney and Melbourne events to draw inspiration and learn from not only Kirsten, Katherine, and Anna, but also the impressive line up of international stars including; Benny Rivera, Eric Lanlard, Lorraine Pascale and Siba Mtongana.

Cake Bake & Sweets Show:

Sydney:        23 – 25 November

Melbourne:   30 November – 2 December