Well hasn’t the year flown by incredibly fast? Here I am writing about Easter recipes already! Whether you just want something cute, simple and delicious, or something extravagant, different (and also delicious) I’ve got you covered! Here you’ll find an array of 10 different recipes ranging from cupcakes, to creme brûlée in egg shells, to easter bark. I can’t wait to recreate the hot cross buns! Please sit back, browse and enjoy the watering of your mouth while you decide which ones you’re going to make this year! There’s too many good ones to choose from.

Bunny Coconut Cupcakes

To start us off, I’ve chosen the simplest, but cutest little cupcakes from Styling My Everyday! If these are too simple for you, then scroll down for the decadent, impressive recipes. But if you’re after something you can bake with the kids then this one is for you. So easy to make, but the little ones will incredibly impressed!

Birds’ Nests

This recipe from The Curvy Carrot is something I see the kids getting involved with! Super easy to make, incredibly cute, and extremely delicious. They would make for some delicious table decorations that the entire family can enjoy… although they won’t last very long.

Nigella Lawson’s Hot Cross Bun Recipe

I haven’t had the chance to make or try Nigella’s hot cross bun recipe, however I remember back in the days, every Christmas Mum would produce the most amazing Christmas Lunch. What has Christmas lunch got to do with hot cross buns you ask? Well Mum used Nigella Lawson’s Christmas recipes like a bible. So if her hot cross buns are anything like her Christmas lunches… I can guarantee you these will be the best ones you will ever taste and I cannot wait to make them this year for easter!

Decadent Easter Mud Cake

Okay, if you really want to go all out and impress with the best, I highly recommend this recipe from Taste! How amazingly fantastic and rich does this look!? Don’t you just love the idea of the toffee nest recreating a birds nest? This is one truly decadent easter cake.

White Chocolate and Passionfruit Mousse

Now, I’m the kind of girl who chooses sweet over savoury. So seeing the usual boiled egg with toast breakfast converted into chocolate eggs with passionfruit mousse makes my heart, my stomach, my tastebuds – my everything sing with joy! Is this a desert? Or can I also have it for breakfast? Yum! I think when I make this one I might sprinkle some passionfruit on top, or even put a little bit of crushed meringue pieces on to make it that little bit more decadent. What would you decorate it with? You can get the recipe here

Easter Extravaganza Bark

This is one of the fanciest chocolate bark I have ever come across! Just look at the colours and the decadency of each topping. It looks so special, and it’s so easy to make. I can’t wait to impress everyone with this gorgeous recipe. I think I might find a couple of purple and white edible flowers to sprinkle on top too! Thank you Sweetapolita for bringing this creation in to my life. 

There you have it – 6 delicious recipes that the family will drool over. With those warm and toasty hot cross buns, and all the chocolate recipes how could they not be satisfied?
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Have a very Hoppy Easter long weekend.

– Alex Frisby Smith