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Pandoro Tiramisù By Dan Pasquali

This yummy PANDORO TIRAMISÙ recipe by Dan Pasquali will make you come back for more & more!

Would you like to be addicted to it too? YAY… the recipe is here for you.


-Half pandoro (or a vanilla sponge cake)

-6 eggs

-300g caster sugar

-500g mascarpone cheese

-2 cups cold espresso (of filtered coffee)

-1 cup marsala

-100g dark chocolate

-500g heavy cream

-cocoa powder


-Brew your black coffee

-Slice the pandoro (2cm thick)

-Separate the eggs and put the whites in a bowl

-Beat the whites for 3 minutes on medium/high speed

-Mix 100g of sugar and 50g of water in a saucepan

-Bring it to 121C/250F and pour the syrup in the whites while they are whipping

-Beat for another 3-4 min.
-Put the whipped whites in a big bowl

-Beat the yolks for 5-10 min on medium/high speed

-Mix 200g of sugar and 50g of water in a saucepan
-Bring it to 121C/250F and pour the syrup in the yolks while they are whipping

-Beat for another 5 min

-Add the mascarpone in the yolks and whip them on low/medium speed for just 2 min

-Fold gently the whites in the mascarpone mix

-Mix the coffee and Marsala in another bowl

-Grab a 20cm round tin (with a removable bottom) and put 4-5 pretty slices of pandoro on the perimeter of the tin and on the bottom.

-Pour a few Tbsp of the coffee mixture on the bottom layer

-Top it with the mascarpone mixture

-Grate some chocolate on top of it

-And start again with dunked pandoro, mascarpone mixture and chocolate

-At the end whip some heavy cream to stiff peaks and pipe it on top of the last layer

-Dust some cocoa powder on top of it

-Keep it in the fridge for at least one hour

-Now you can remove it from the tin

-…and you can eat it

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