Ginfusion Blood Orange with Japanese Yuzu Cocktails

If you love the taste of gin and would love to support an Australian distillery this Christmas, then we highly recommend the Original Spirit Co, located on the stunning Mornington Peninsula. Of course, if you can’t make the trip, you can order online and follow the instructions below for handcrafted cocktails.

Both cocktails below are crafted from juicy Blood Oranges & exotic Japanese Yuzu. This unique medley of citrus ic carefully blended with the Original Spirit Co’s award-winning Classic Dry Gin and is made from 100% premium natural ingredients, delivering a deep, sweet and satisfying taste sensation.

Cocktail 1

Pour 50 ml Ginfusion Blood Orange with Japanese Yuzu over ice
Top with 100 ml of sparkling water
Garnish with rosemary and a sprinkle of sea-salt or with a slice of orange

Cocktail 2

Pour 30 ml Ginfusion Blood Orange with Japanese Yuzu and  90 ml Prosecco (or sparkling wine) over ice
Add a splash of soda (to taste) 
Add 1-2 fresh raspberries & a sprig of thyme as garnish if at hand (optional)