Ombre Strawberries

Ombre hair is so popular nowadays and since everyone follows the style, why not strawberries go a little Ombre too? To be real with you I don’t even know where I get these ideas from. I think by just staring at strawberries and thinking about my hair appointment at the same time maybe. This recipe is easy like popping strawberries in your kid’s mouth! it just took me 15 mins though I did it very slowly. So, grab your berries my readers let’s get in to it.
Ombre Strawberries Preparation time: 15 minutes


500g strawberries, divided into four lots
200g white chocolate
Lipid-soluble food colouring (in Red)
Edible glitter


Melt the chocolate in a microwave until it gets a silk and smooth texture. insert a skewer in the stem of the strawberry. Dip and roll the strawberry in melted chocolate and hold up until the excessive chocolate drops back to the bowl. Continue the process with the first quarter of strawberries. Get a tray lined with a non-greasing baking sheet and place the strawberries on the sheet. Add a pinch of food colouring to melted chocolate and stir well until you receive a faint blush. Do the same process with the next quarter of strawberries. Add more colouring to the remaining chocolate and dip the 3rd quarter of strawberries in it. You want the last lot to be quite bold to create the Ombre effect. After the process let the chocolate harden and sprinkle them with edible glitter. Enjoy the beautiful treat!