The countdown to one of the most magical days of the year is on – Christmas!! Without a doubt you’ve probably started to see the Christmas decorations pop up in stores, with those Christmas carols on loop and that constant hanging thought in your mind; what christmas presents do I need to get? Well fear no more, the Cake Bake & Sweets Show team have come to the rescue. Here are our top 12 gift ideas for this Christmas. You may have read one of our earlier posts on ‘Sweet Gifts’, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: some of the best gifts are those delicious foodie ones.

1. DIY Hot Chocolate in a Jar

Anything in a jar is just too cute, especially this Christmas Hot Choccy jar from Bridal Guide. With the peppermint added in, it just adds that Christmas touch. You can decorate your jars with red, green or even gold ribbon, paired with a Christmas tag to top it off.

2. Reindeer Cocoa Cones

These Reindeer Cocoa Cones are an easy gift to whip up for classmates, teachers or even as a stocking filler. If you’re looking for a kids activity these holidays, this could be a perfect fit also! Mommy’s Kitchen tied these super cute cones into a full hot chocolate pack, so it’s up to you on the extent you want to go.

3. Chocolate Sleighs

These sleighs from Jak Heath that are made from chocolate bars are a brilliant idea suitable for any age! An easy and effective gift. If you were looking to add a little more value to your present, simply add a gift card on the bottom of the sleigh and there you have it.

4. Brownie In a Jar

Want to stay clear from a Hot Chocolate in a jar this summer? Why not opt for a brownie mix like this one found on Emma Courtney. This allows for a little more delicious freedom as you can choose what goes in the brownie (e.g. nuts, cranberries, marshmallows, anything your heart desires).

5. Instant Mocha Test Tubes

This one is similar to the jar idea, however the test tubes offer a funky twist to the gift. Something Turquoise makes Mocha ones, although you could change up the flavours and gift them as a set.

6. Ice Cream Sundae Kit

We love this one. It is such a perfect idea for an Aussie Christmas! Christmas Day here is often warm, and spent by the BBQ or in the pool. What better way to cool down with a homemade sundae set. A quirky and practical gift from Family Bites.

7. Chocolate Umbrellas

Chocolate always works a treat, so why not make it look pretty and gift it? Try these Chocolate umbrellas from La Recetadela Felicidad.

8. Reindeer Beer Bottles

These are good one for the blokes. Need we say more? Thanks Yellow Bliss Road for this idea!

9. Homemade Baking Kit Essentials

This one is really easy to put together. All you need is an oven mitt, some baking tool essentials and some ribbon. Done!

10. Hot Chocolate Spoons

These are a delicious stocking filler for the kids, or perfect to pair with Christmas cards for co-workers – plus SUPER easy to make! See how Cherished Bliss does it.

11. Edible Coal

Someone’s been naughty this year? Why not give them edible coal. Such a funny and easy gift to give mates or even your kids! Here is how from I Heart Nap Time.

12. Simple Baked goods packaged perfectly

A perfect example of this would be from Living Locutro, with this Banana Bread. You could bake cookies, cupcakes, cakes, breads, chocolates… anything at all. The receiver will love it! Package it in cute boxes with ribbons and tags to dress the gift up a little.