Snow White’s Poisoned Candy Apples

All the kids are Disney obsessed. I am pretty sure they all need a princess themed birthday party at least once. But honestly, I know it is too much work and effort, but there are some uncomplicated ways to have a splendid but cheap and effortless fancy princess themed birthday party.
Especially when it comes to party snacks you do not have to worry too much. I am obsessed with Snow White’s Poisoned Candy Apples this recipe is a life savour and it looks fancy and tastes amazing. It just needs 5 minutes prep time!  These poisoned candy apples would make the guests drool at your Disney themed party or your kid’s birthday. Here is the recipe for a dozen of shiny, sparkly “poisoned” candy apples.


4 cups of sugar
1 ½ cups water
1/2 cup sugar syrup
Edible food coloring (black or red)
12 Granny Smith apples
6 pairs chopsticks
Edible glitter in silver (Optional)


Step 1 – Wash the apples well and rinse. Colour the chopsticks silver color edible food coloring. Let them dry and place the chopstick on the top of apples. Line a large tray with parchment and grease the paper.
Step 2 Mix sugar and glucose syrup with water in a non-stick pan. Bring to a boil. It is not required to stir the sugar. just bring it to a boil and cook until it reaches the hard crack stage at 150C/302F. When it gets to soft crack, add a little of the black or red food coloring.
Step 3 When the sugar is boiled, remove the pan from the heat. Dip the apples carefully in the mixture and coat the apples thoroughly. Do the process fast not letting the sugar harden. Allow the excess mixture to drip off. Rest on the prepared parchment. Let the toffee coat dry. Sprinkle the glitter on the apples.
Enjoy the fancy candies. You can make these as a Halloween treat as well!