Best Cake Pops Ever!!!

I bet you know what cake pops are! They are basically cake and icing ball on a lollipop stick. I personally love dipping them in chocolate fondue it tastes like heaven. and the best thing is you can make them for any event! You can use any kind of edible decor on it. For Halloween you can make little vampire cake pops or for Christmas you can make glitter Santa clause cake pops. They fit everywhere! And who doesn’t love cake pops? So here goes the recipe to make the best cake pops of the world!


Cake (Pre-Made)
Lollipop sticks
Cake pop stand, Styrofoam or craft foam
edible decorations

How to make cake pops

Choose your cake. You can make one, use leftover cake or buy from the store. it is your choice. Now break the cake in to crumbs using your hands or a blender. Now add icing. Measure it like this; for 2 cups of cake crumbs add half or 3/4 cups of icing. Icing you can make at home. butter icing is perfect. And mix the 2 ingredients thoroughly. If you feel like the mixture needs more icing, you are free to add. but make sure the mixture is not too wet.

Now you have to make small balls from the mixture. use your hands to get perfectly round balls then after that keep the balls on a oil paper and keep in the freezer for 30 minutes approximately to get firm balls. While the balls are firming up you should melt the chocolate. use a pan that is deep enough to cover the cake pops. once you done microwaving chocolate, stick a lollipop stick in the rear end of a cake pop and dip it in the chocolate. let the excess chocolate drip and place the cake pop on the Styrofoam. Repeat the process. Now you can decorate your cake pops any way you want. Add edible glitter, roll on sprinkles or add anything you want. You can keep them on display at your party on a cake pop stand or wrap them in clear wrap as a party favour.