Floral Ice Pops

Taste spring on your tongues with these Floral Ice Pops! They’re too beautiful to eat but oh they make you feel so divine!

Floral Ice Pops are perfect for any occasion – from weddings to summer parties, just grab edible flowers from your backyard! We prefer roses, basil, hibiscus and honeysuckles but really, any would do, as long as they’re not poisonous!


Step 1. Select the flowers you wish to use. Make sure that they are not poisonous and are totally edible! One you’ve decided on your flowers, separate the petals from the rest of the flower as we are only using the petals. Give the petals a good but gentle rinse making sure you don’t put too much pressure in water as this will damage the petals.

Step 2. Place your flowers into a popsicle mold, being careful that they do not fall on each other.

Step 3. Make the liquid with either water with some honey or other variations such as using berry juice in water or even your own ice pop mix. Once you are happy with your liquid mix, fill the molds with your mix and pop them in the freezer overnight.

Step 4. Once you are ready to eat your Floral Pops, simply take them out of the freezer, leave them to cool in room temperature until it’s loose enough to pull out of the mould. Enjoy your treat!

These ice pops aren’t restricted to flowers – make your own fruity twist by adding frozen berries, watermelon or any summer fruit you wish to enjoy to make fruity ice pops!